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What You Can Do: Protect yourself from Ticks

•   Wear light-colored clothing to see ticks more easily.

•   Tuck pants into socks when walking, hiking, or working in tick areas.

•   Wear repellent containing at least 20% DEET to repel ticks as well as mosquitoes.

•   Discourage ticks around the house by mowing grass, cutting back dense vegetation, and removing debris piles.

•   Use tick control products on family pets to prevent them from bringing ticks into the home. Consult a veterinarian about tick collars, sprays, shampoos, or “top spot” medications.

•   Check entire body for ticks after spending time in tick habitats.  Pay attention to the hairline, waistline, back of the knees, armpits, and belly button.  Carefully examine children and pets.

•   Remove attached ticks immediately – prompt removal can reduce the risk of disease transmission.

•   Seek medical care if feeling ill after a tick bite.

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