Integrated Vector Management (IVM)

The District maintains a staff of highly trained, state-certified vector control professionals to implement the District’s scientifically planned IVM program. Success of the program can be attributed to the District staff and internal and external collaboration between the staff and our community stakeholders.

Mosquito Control

The District conducts surveillance, physical control, and in some cases chemical control ro reduce both immature and adult mosquitoes when adult populations are high or when mosquito-borne virus activity levels threaten public health. 

Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) Control

The RIFA program was established to reduce the potential for injury and economic impact to the valley residents and visitors. 

Other Vectors Control

This page includes information about the control of eye-gnats, flies, and honey bees in the Coachella Valley.

Request a Service

To request an inspection or treatment by a certified Vector Control Technician, you can call the district at (760) 342-8287 or fill out an online Service Request Form.

Public Records Request Form