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Vector Inspector Activity Kit

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Become a Vector Inspector!

What to do

Request your FREE educational materials and activities here!

A vector is an animal that can make you sick, just like a mosquito! A packet will be mailed to your child(ren) who will learn about where mosquitoes live, what they need to keep biting you, and what you can do to stop them and keep your family safe from biting mosquitoes. Help us keep Coachella Valley safe from mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry!

After reading about mosquitoes, where to find them, and how to get rid of them, complete the Score Against Bites activity book and the Vector Inspector Checklist and have an adult sign it and email it back to earn your FREE PRIZE!

    Learning Tools

    • Score Against Bites Activity Book
    • Ten Tiny Mosquitoes Book
    • Fight the Bite Book

    Bonus Gifts!

    • Mosquito Notepad and Pencil to help take notes and keep track of where water at your house might have mosquitoes.
    • Pocket-sized Magnifier to help you look for mosquito sources around your home.
    • Mosquito Trading Card Set. Discover facts about mosquitoes and their lifecycle with this first generation pack!
    • Coloring Page and Crayons
    • Sticker designed by local Vector Control Technician Marisa Kelling to remind you that when there is no standing water, there will be no mosquitoes!

      For Parents:

      Here in the desert, mosquitoes look for man-made water sources to lay their eggs. Just a bottle cap of water is all they need. Mosquito bites are annoying and sometimes, they carry diseases. To prevent mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry, dump, refresh, or cover anything that can hold water. Wipe water-holding containers like pet dishes weekly.

      This informational material packet will help you make the right decisions in protecting your family from mosquitoes. Please take some time to review these materials and participate in the Vector Inspector Checklist activity with your child.

      You are the solution to stop mosquitoes. We want to make Coachella Valley a safe place to live and play as we fight the bite. Together.

      Order your Vector Inspector Activity Kit here, it's FREE!

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