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Surveillance and Quality Control

Surveillance and Quality Control is carried out by monitoring mosquito activity, mosquito populations, climate change, and virus activity by having mosquitoes tested for arboviruses. This information is utilized to guide all control efforts. The District’s Quality Control Program develops, evaluates, and encourages compliance with best management practices.

Survey adult mosquitoes and arbovirus

  • Produce information on abundance levels
  • Detect the presence of mosquito-borne virus
  • Determine risk levels, act, and educate

Evaluate the impact of control products.

  • Examine resistance to control products
  • Examine rates and application methods
  • Ensure that applications are effective
May contain: clothing, glove, person, and scientist
May contain: alloy wheel, car, car wheel, machine, spoke, tire, transportation, vehicle, wheel, adult, male, man, and person
May contain: chair, furniture, adult, male, man, person, table, clothing, hat, desk, accessories, bag, handbag, and pen









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