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May contain: animal, mammal, rodent, and rat

We do not trap or remove rats.

We can give you advice on how to make your home less desirable to rodents by methods of exclusion and removing food sources.

Eliminating rodents like rats is a community effort!  If you have rats, your neighbor may also have rats.  The only successful and permanent method of rat control is the elimination of food, shelter, and through rodent exclusion.

The roof rat (Rattus rattus) is agile and slender, with a tail longer than its head and body. Roof rats frequently enter buildings and move about neighborhoods by using utility lines and fences as runways. They prefer to feed on wild bird seed, pet food, and citrus fruit trees commonly found in residential backyards and HOA common areas. 

May contain: food, fruit, plant, produce, citrus fruit, and orange

The hollowed out rind of a grapefruit or other citrus is a sure sign that rats have been feeding.

Eliminate Food and Water

  • Store pet food in sealed containers.  Move food and water indoors at night. Store bulk feed 18 inches above ground and 12 inches from walls.
  • Harvest fruit from trees as they ripen. Store properly so that rodents will not be able to reach them.  Remove fallen fruit daily.
  • Remove debris. Place garbage in tightly sealed trash containers.
  • Trim vegetation and trees two to three feet from buildings.

Inspect your home

  • Repair leaks in faucets, drip irrigation, and sprinkler systems.  Prevent puddles from refrigeration condensation.
  • Weather-strip all doors, and screen all windows.
  • Seal openings ½ inch or greater around vents, plumbing, and conduits entering the structure.
  • Inspect foundation for separation at bottom of exterior walls. 
  • Check crawl space doors for tight fit, also attic and subfloor vents for any damage.
  • Screen stove fan vents and sewer vent pipes at roof with hardware cloth.
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