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Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Home

  • Check lawn drains for water and debris. Clean drains regularly.
  •  Inspect yards for standing water sources. Drain water that collects under potted plants, bird baths, tires, and any other water-holding containers.
  •  Clean and scrub pet dishes and water features weekly.
  • Add sand, aquarium gravel, or pea gravel to pots, vases, and saucers to displace standing water and eliminate mosquito breeding sites.
May contain: grass, plant, and drain
May contain: body part, finger, hand, and person
May contain: bowl
May contain: plant, potted plant, body part, finger, hand, person, jar, planter, pottery, vase, cookware, and pot
May contain: body part, finger, hand, person, cookware, pot, nature, outdoors, pond, water, algae, and plant
add gravel ,potted plant,vases and saucers



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