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No Treatment Request Form

The Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District mission is to reduce the risk of disease transmission by mosquitoes and other vectors (mammals, birds, insects, etc.) for residents and visitors of the Coachella Valley. In the case of increased mosquito numbers in a particular area, or detection of an arthropod-borne virus in mosquitoes, wild birds, or humans, the District may conduct ground or aerial ultra-low volume (ULV) adulticiding activities or larviciding activities. Mosquito control products are applied at very low dosages and dissipate quickly once in the environment, ensuring minimal risk.

At the time of the applications, the District will post the information on its website as well as in the area. For questions regarding this treatment, please call (760) 342-8287 or contact the District via email. If you would like to request that mosquito control applications scheduled on the ground are not made to your property, please fill out the form below and the District will review the request and try to accommodate it without jeopardizing public health. The request will be considered for the currently posted operation only. A new request would need to be submitted for any future operations.

For a “No Treatment” request for truck-mounted adult or larval mosquito control to be considered, it should be made by noon the day before the application (excluding weekends and holidays).

The District is enabled and empowered to act as a public health agency as a result of legislation incorporated in Division 3, Sections 2000-2910 of the California State Health and Safety Code.

NOTICE: In the event of a public health emergency, and in the case of aerial applications, the District will not be able to consider any “No Treatment” requests.

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