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Nancy Ross

Position: Trustee
Term: Appointed to the Board: January 2023 Term Expires: 12/31/2024
Appointing Authority: City of Cathedral City
Email Address:
Nancy Ross

On November 3, 2020, Councilmember Nancy Ross was elected to be the first representative for Cathedral City’s District 2. Prior to her election, she served on the Cathedral City Public Arts Commission and on the Cannabis and Homeless task forces. She has also served on Supervisor V. Manuel Perez’ Green Ribbon Commission on Behavioral Health and with Lift to Rise with their affordable housing efforts.

Nancy has been involved in her communities including as a Director of the American Civil Liberties Union where she championed marriage equality, death with dignity, and the legalization of medical marijuana. Additionally, she served as a member of the Portland Public Schools Citizens Advisory Committee and a civil rights advocate speaking across the nation that included an invitation to the White House in 2001.

Supporting her local community, Nancy proudly and effectively served as the PTA President of her children’s elementary school and as a Little League coach.

As an International business owner traveling to many countries, she learned the value of diverse opinions and how to work with all kinds of people and groups. This has taught her the value of quality leadership, compromise, and collaboration.

Councilmember Nancy Ross is married to Bob Ross. His first career was in the military serving our nation for more than 22 years. He then became a general contractor specializing in historic restoration. In fact, Bob and Nancy own the first Finnish home in America which has been preserved for historic significance.

They have two children, Remington who is an Adjudicator for the State of Oregon and Katherine who is a Biologist. As adults, they remained in Oregon when Nancy and Bob made the move permanently to Cathedral City in 2015.

Continuing service to their communities, they purchased a small apartment complex which they chose to make affordable housing as they recognized this need in our valley.

Each year they host a variety of fundraisers for local, national, and international nonprofits which have included the Cathedral City Boys and Girls Club as well as the Cathedral City Senior Center, Desert Aids Project, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF.

Now, as a City Councilmember she looks forward to the opportunity to serve both the people of Cathedral City and of Coachella Valley by leading the city as part of the Council body as well as working with both internal and external commissions. She is currently serving on Coachella Valley Energy and Environmental Resource Committee, Coachella Valley Mountain Conservancy and coordinating with the city to implement the 2023 law SB1383 requiring individual recycling. Environmental issues are paramount to our city and Nancy is pleased to be able to serve in this capacity. 

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