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Management Employee of the Year: Salvador Becerra

Sal just came in to the position of supervisor but even in this short time has impressed me with his willingness to not only communicate with other departments to make operations more effective but also his willingness to pull up his sleeves and help his team.

In the short amount of time Sal has been active supervisor he has made a difference in the way things are run. It feel like his been a supervisor for much longer.

Sal has really stepped up in his new position.

Since join the Management Team of the Operations Department, Sal provides everyone a fresh start to his supervision, provide detailed feedback and support his staff to achieve positive results.

Sal has taken on his supervisor role and has done a great job with it. He has been working with me on my weaknesses in such a kind way and I really appreciate that. He motivates me to be the best employee I can be and he listens to the ideas and suggestions I bring to the table.



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